Tour Maubourg – Amicalement Vôtre (Art Of Tones Remix)

Allégresse EP
Release Date
December 6, 2019
Happiness Therapy

Jazz-House phenom Tour Maubourg, makes his debut on emerging French house label ‘Happiness Therapy’ with a 5 track EP which includes 2 remixes by house music hero ‘Art Of Tones’. Labeled as “most promising producer of the french house scene” by Trax Magazing, he has had sold out EPs on labels such as Pont Neuf, FHUO and FINA.

Kicking the EP off is ‘Allégresse’ a hypnotic, head nodding, Jazz-House track with mesmerizing piano melodies, rhythmic percussions and smooth walking basslines that create a sense of weightlessness. The perfect opening track for any occasion.

Next on the EP is ‘Stay’ an upbeat percussion driven track with rounded out deep house basslines, raw crispy hi-hats patterns and retro melodics that complete this groovy house track.

The final track on the EP is ‘Amicalement Vôtre’ a laid back cerebral house track that tickles the brain with its soothing jazz trumpet melodies and trippy solo, brought together with calming piano loops. This track receives an excellent club ready remix and a after hours ready bass dub by Art Of Tones. The EP is out now so make sure to pick up the Vinyl before they sell out.